Thank You! You are now officially a “Loving Angel” ready for Life-Long Love. Your Birthday has been received.
We will be in touch when a Life-Long Partner is “ready” to meet you. In the meantime, please consider
a Personal Reading with the founder of Mortals and Angels, Love Expert Michael Marcos Azaero.

explore your NEW LOVE

A New Love is a Life-Long Love Partner:

  • Everyone we meet now is for a lifetime
  • Life-Long Love Partners are Loving Angels forever
  • Are you “ready” to experience Life-Long Love? You are because you’re here
  • CONTACT MICHAEL MARCOS to find your Life-Long Partner NOW!

“After wasting my time on so many on-line dating sites, I magically found Mortals & Angels. A friend gave me the “Gift of Love” birthday package and I have found my Life-long Love Partner at last. As you said, I quit my job, too! I still can’t believe this is happening to me. Words cannot express how happy and thankful I am to you. “The Gift of Love” has been received. Now I am giving it to all my friends and family!!”
~~ Sharon, Marina Del Rey, CA

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explore your PAST LOVE

A Past Love is a Soul Mate:

  • Everyone we have ever met is for a reason
  • Soul Mates are Loving Angels who may become Twin Flames or Life-Long Love Partners
  • Is there a Soul Mate in your life that you still think about? Well guess what? They are too!
  • CONTACT MICHAEL MARCOS to reconnect with a Soul Mate NOW!

“I can’t believe that my high school sweetheart is back in my life! After more than twenty years Marcos has magically brought my true Life-Long Love Partner back to me. I still have to pinch myself I so can’t believe it. As soon as I spoke to Marcos my long lost love contacted me. I thought we’d never see other again! LOL! Thank you Michael for bringing me Life-Long Love, helping me to spread my wings and fly again!”
~~ D.T. – Sedona, AZ

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explore your EXISTING LOVE

An Existing Love is a Twin Flame:

  • Everyone in our life is here for a reason.
  • Twin Flames are Loving Angels who may evolve into Life-Long Love Partners.
  • Is there a Twin Flame in your life today? Are you confused? Do you want answers?
  • CONTACT MICHAEL MARCOS to evolve your Twin Flame relationship into Life-Long Love NOW!

“OMG!!! After being in an on and off again relationship for years, my dream has finally come true! I am so grateful to Mortals & Angels for helping my partner finally “see” we were Twin Flames and now have entered into a committed Life-Long Love relationship. If you want your love life to be forever call Michael Marcos today! Thank you for being my Love Angel. This never could have happened with you! Blessings!
~~ P.R. – New York City, NY

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Are you stuck? Do you need to Let Go of your Past? Do you feel like Life’s passing you by?
Have you ever thought about quitting your job, getting a divorce or even worse running away or giving up?
Guess what? You’re not alone.

In fact, these Universal Signs signal it’s time to change, to grow and to Evolve.
Thank God you’ve come to the right place! Love is Here for You Right Now.
You are a Karmic Virgin & a Spiritual Widow – You Deserve Love & You’re Ready To Receive

NOW take the next step to Manifest Dreams of Life-Long Love!

A one-and-only Destiny & Karma Reading will do just this. It has never failed.
Below are descriptions of LIFE AFTER a Destiny & Karma Reading:

  • A woman now holds her Ph.D. AND is an International Stand-Up Comedienne.
  • A man now has a three year-old girl, a record deal in Hollywood AND has toured the country with Cheryl Crow and John Mayer.
  • A woman now teaches Yoga to children AND breast cancer survivors.
  • A man now works as a Psychic from home and created his own website, has published three books AND finished three screenplays.
  • A woman has met the man of her dreams, lives in a beautiful house with a picket fence AND has a baby boy who’s now three.
  • A woman travels the world and lives in Maui alone. (She has put off getting a Reading and still seeks her dreams of Life-Long Love :-()

A Destiny & Karma Reading will change your life forever.
A Destiny & Karma Reading will be the last Reading You Will Ever Need.
Are you ready for Spontaneous Evolution?
Are you ready for the Life you were meant to Live to begin?

There is NO Question the Answer Is YES!
CONTACT MICHAEL MARCOS Find Out How To Evolve and Let Life-Long Love Find You NOW!

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Book your PRIVATE DESTINY & KARMA READING Founder Michael Marcos Azaero is a Karmic Astrologer and Evolutionary Spiritualist. His life’s work entitled “The Transcendental Love Dance” offers guidance, support and hope to anyone “ready” to experience Ultimate Love. “We Are All Loving Angels Deserved of Ultimate Love – Here and Now We Find Life-Long Love.”

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