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How Does Love Happen?

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How Does Love Happen?

Before we get to Love we ask “Do You Believe In Love?”

When we’re not “in Love” it’s hard to believe in it, right Angels?

We see others “in Love” and it eats us up.
Sour grapes, jealousy and subtle resentments can make a single person a bit angry that they’re alone.

But how about the other side of the Love equation w? Remember – The Love Cup IS always Half-Full!

So what then do we experience when we’re “in Love?”
Isn’t being “in Love” the most Magical State of all?
Of course it is. This is it! This Love is the One! (I know it.)
I have no other feelings other than Love in my heart.

So then how does Love happen? When are we both ready for Life-Long Love?

Today we will Believe in Love and See what happens.
Today we will See Love in everything and everybody.
Today we will Feel Love inside and outside Ourselves.
Today we will Experience Love right now.
Today we will Believe in Love and See how others do too.
Today we will know that Love happens when we Give Love.
Today I will Give Love and Believe in Love.
Today I will Believe in Love and Experience Love right now.

How does Love happen? It happens when we Believe.

Images courtesy Ed Schipul and Jennifer under a Creative Commons License.


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