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Life-Long Love is Effortless

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Life-Long Love is Effortless

When we are born Angels, we are in bliss
When we grow, we begin in denial
When we learn, we become aware
And when we awaken, we evolve — to Love

Life-Long Love is everywhere

Imagine when we “open our eyes,” we “see the light”

Now picture a traffic light.

When the light is green what do we do? We press the gas and go through as fast as we can.
When the light is yellow what do we do? We either speed through it and risk getting a ticket or we stop.
Knowing a yellow light will inevitably turn red, we have a choice. Love is that way, too.

Life-Long Love is Effortless
Life-Long Love is a Green Light
Life-Long Love is a “Know Brainer”

We pursue Life-Long Love without hesitation, without question
With Life-Long Love we know the answer is “Yes” every time.

Anything less than this is meaningless. Meaning if Love simply doesn’t flow effortlessly from one moment to another we are wasting our time. When it is, though, and when it does, our Love will grow, our Love will Evolve and we will learn to Love at a deeper and higher level. This Love will feel and be more fulfilling each and every day and each and every moment. Remember this without reservation.

Life-Long Love is effortless; anything less is meaningless.


MortalsAndAngels.com Founder Michael Marcos Azaero is a Karmic Astrologer and Evolutionary Spiritualist. His life’s work entitled “The Transcendental Love Dance” offers guidance, support and hope to anyone “ready” to experience Ultimate Love. “We are all Loving Angels deserved of Ultimate Love – here and now we find Life-Long Love.”

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