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Love and Evolution

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Love and Evolution

When we Love we Evolve.
When we Love we Grow.
When we Love we Learn.
When we Love we Evolve.

So what do we learn? We learn how to Love more. We Love a little deeper, a little higher.

Love and Evolution are the same thing and yet opposites. Love spelled backwards is Evol-ution.

So let’s Love AND Evolve today.

Let’s Love our lives today and be grateful for what we have. We have a lot, too.

So many have nothing. So many are alone. So many don’t believe they have Love in their lives.

And yet they do.

We all have Love in our lives all the time.

Some may be less Evolved. Some may not see or feel it. So let’s Love them.

So today give Love. When we give Love we feel Love. When we Love we Evolve in that moment.

Today I Give my Love to Everything I do Today.
Today I Let my Love out and Express it Today.
Today I Give myself Love in Each and Every Moment Today.
Today I Feel Love from Everything and Everyone Today.
Today I Am Grateful for Love Today.
Today I Love who I am Today.
Today I Love where I am Today.
Today I Love what I do Today.
Today I do my best Today.
Today I Evolve Today.
Today I Love Right Now.


MortalsAndAngels.com Founder Michael Marcos Azaero is a Karmic Astrologer and Evolutionary Spiritualist. His life’s work entitled “The Transcendental Love Dance” offers guidance, support and hope to anyone “ready” to experience Ultimate Love. “We are all Loving Angels deserved of Ultimate Love – here and now we find Life-Long Love.”

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