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Love From the Inside Out

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Love From the Inside Out

Why is Love such an inside job?

Why can Love be so painful at times?

And why is Love the most pursued and yet elusive feeling we all desire?

Because we All want Love in our lives.
Love FEELS so good and Love IS so good for Us.
It’s no wonder.

When we have Love in our lives, we feel Joy, Peace and Safety.
Love is the best of times and we want Love all the time.
We are All Loving Angels Deserved of Love.

So why then is Love an inside job?
Because if we are “in Love” with someone who’s not “ready” for what we’re “ready” for,
Love then, unfortunately, has a high probability of coming to an end. And that’s pain.

So what do we do? What should we do? What can we do?

Here are a few thoughts to meditate on, consider accepting and welcoming into your Heart.

1) I Love Me Before I Love You
2) If I Love Myself I Can Never Have My Heart Broken
3) We All Want To Feel Love
4) It’s All About The Love
5) Love Is Patience
6) Love Is Effortless
7) Love Is A Dream That We Never Wake Up From
8) Love Has No Anger
9) Love Is Acceptance
10) Love Is Unconditional – There Are No Questions Other Than Yes – No If’s, And’s Or But’s
11) Love Has No Fear
12) Love Is Forgiveness
13) Love Is Letting Go And Knowing It Will Return If It’s Real
14) Love Is Simply
15) Love Lives In Either Fear Or In Faith
16) Love Is Hope
17) Love Is 24×7. Love Is Constant
18) Love Is “The Morning After”
19) Love Is Real – The Other Shoe Never Drops
20) Love Has No Memory
21) Love Is Living In The Present; Love Is The Present Emotion. Love Is Right Here Now.
22) Love Is All. Love Is Everything. Like God, Love Is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.
23) Love Is You. Love Is Me. Love Is Us.
24) I Love Me. I Love You. I Love Us
25) Love Heals
26) Love Lives
27) Love Loves.

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Image courtesy Dennis Brekke under a Creative Commons License.


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