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Love Is In The Air & Everywhere

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Love Is In The Air & Everywhere

And What A Gift Love Is, Aye Angels?

How do we feel when Love in our lives? On top of the world.
How do we feel when New Love knocks on our door? Like a high school kid again.
How do we feel when we have our first kiss? Like a virgin all over again.

When is the last time you’ve felt the magic?
For many of us Lucky Ones, it’s just the other day.
How long has it been?
Have you ever felt the Magic of Love?
If you’re not sure or you don’t know, the answer may be no or not yet. But it’s okay.

“Why? Because Ultimate Love is feels like the first time – every time.”

And you will Angel. You will experience Ultimate Love like never before.
You will experience Love today.
You will experience Love right now.

I Love You.
God Loves You.
Your Family Loves You.
Your Parents Love You.
Your Children (unborn, too) Love You.
Your Pets (and strays) Love You.
Your Garden Loves You.
Your Food Loves You.
Your Neighbor Loves You.
Your Home Loves You.
Your Car Loves You.
Your World Loves You.

Today I Am Loveable.
Today I Am Loving.
Today I Am Loved.

Like An Angel, Love Is In The Air… Love Is Everywhere.

Image courtesy Chandra Maharzan under a Creative Commons License.


MortalsAndAngels.com Founder Michael Marcos Azaero is a Karmic Astrologer and Evolutionary Spiritualist. His life’s work entitled “The Transcendental Love Dance” offers guidance, support and hope to anyone “ready” to experience Ultimate Love. “We are all Loving Angels deserved of Ultimate Love – here and now we find Life-Long Love.”

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