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Love Is Letting Go

Posted By on October 23, 2012 in Angel Blog, Love, Relationships | 6 comments

Love Is Letting Go

Love Is In The Letting Go. Why? Because then we can see one’s true colors.

You know how the song goes, “If you Love Somebody Set Them Free. Free, Free, Set Them Free.”

What happens when Love dies?

It’s different for different people. Who broke up with who? The blame-game never ends.

Let’s call it a high-school game known as “Tug of War.” Do you know the game? Good.

So how does it work? Two sides pull and pull until one simply can’t hold on anymore.
The only guarantee is that no one will win or lose and the game will never end until… what?
Someone let’s go. So let’s say your partner is the rope. If you let go, they will usually fall down.

If no one let’s go, it’s an endless struggle. Most common in these type of “on-again, off-again” relationships is where you push and they pull away or you let go and they pull you back in.

How many times must we experience break-up and getting back together again? How about make-up sex? How many times do you forgive and forget? Does history repeat itself? You tell me.

When a break up occurs one of three things happen:

1) Denial of the truth, where a defense mechanism kicks in to avoid the truth
2) Destruction, where a sabotage manifests wanting to escape from reality


3) Your partner acts like Dustin Hoffman storming the church at the end of “The Graduate”


That’s Life-Long Love folks! Anything else is history repeating itself.

So let’s let go of Love right now and See if Life-Long Love returns.

P.S. It always does!

Image courtesy Petras Gagilas under a Creative Commons License.


MortalsAndAngels.com Founder Michael Marcos Azaero is a Karmic Astrologer and Evolutionary Spiritualist. His life’s work entitled “The Transcendental Love Dance” offers guidance, support and hope to anyone “ready” to experience Ultimate Love. “We are all Loving Angels deserved of Ultimate Love – here and now we find Life-Long Love.”

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  1. Ruth Ann October 25, 2012

    Michael Marcos, I was drawn to your MortalsAndAngels.com site tonight. I know we talked about Love yet it feels so far. It has been just too long to “believe”. Yea, me! I truly Love your answer in regards to lasting Love or what you call “Life-Long Love.” The video from the “Graduate” was awesome. Thanks for your site :) and sharing.
    Always with Love My Friend, Ruth Ann

    • Michael Marcos Azaero October 25, 2012

      Thanks for your comment Ruth Ann you are truly an Angel deserved and “ready” for Love. Feel free to enter your Birthdate into our AstroLogicaLove database and watch what can and will happen in your Love life. Click on the Begin Here Page – http://mortalsandangels.com/life-long-love/ – and stay connected with us!
      Love Your Way, Michael Marcos

  2. Melanie November 7, 2012

    This makes me even more grateful that I have let go of relationships that just weren’t right. I am glad I have never stayed in a relationship for too long when I know the person was not the one. I have learned my lessons, grown, and let them go and now I am definitely ready for real love :-]

    • Michael Marcos Azaero November 8, 2012

      Hi Melanie – You’re such an Angel! I am SO proud of you and your awareness, too. Your comment breathes new life and Love into your Universe. Did you “like” our facebook.com/mortalsandangels page?? Check it out and spread the Love. It sounds like you’re ready to go to the next level with New Love! Go to the Love Angel Readings page http://mortalsandangels.com/#!/angel-readings/ and sign up for a session! Hope to speak to you soon! Love Your Way! LovEvolve, MMA

      • Melanie November 8, 2012

        yep I’ve liked the facebook page! i’ve liked a couple of the posts. I’m Melanie Nicole on there. Not sure if you can see my profile or not. I just liked the Joni Mitchell video, Both sides now. That’s me :-] Yes I want to do a reading soon! Definitely will.

        • Michael Marcos Azaero November 8, 2012

          Thanks M.. Thanks so much! That’s great! Looking forward to speak with you.. Hope everything is better than well with you, too!! Love Your Way, MMA

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