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Love is Real

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Love is Real


For John Lennon’s 72nd 10/6th Birthday let’s honor him with his song “Love.”

Love is real, real is Love
Love is feeling, feeling Love
Love is wanting to be Loved

Love is touch, touch is Love
Love is reaching, reaching Love
Love is asking to be Loved

Love is you
You and me
Love is knowing
We can be

Love is free, free is Love
Love is living, living Love
Love is needing to be Loved


MortalsAndAngels.com Founder Michael Marcos Azaero is a Karmic Astrologer and Evolutionary Spiritualist. His life’s work entitled “The Transcendental Love Dance” offers guidance, support and hope to anyone “ready” to experience Ultimate Love. “We are all Loving Angels deserved of Ultimate Love – here and now we find Life-Long Love.”

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