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What Is Love and How Do We Find It?

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What Is Love and How Do We Find It?

We might think Love means different things to different people but it doesn’t.
Love is Universal. Love means the same thing to all of us.

Love is the most important thing in the world.
Love is present. Love is now. Love is here.
Love is right in front of us and all around us.

Love means belonging.
Love means being accepted.
Love means being acknowledged.
Love means one matters.

Without Love we suffer. Without Love we die. Without Love life is not worth living.

So where do we find Love? How do we find Love? What if we’re not sure?

At first and last Love must come from our families even though it often doesn’t “feel” that way. There is a deep Love from a familial level and yet quite often we experience rivalries and jealousies within the core infrastructure that might “seem” like anything but Love.

But let’s say we are detached from our families. Let’s say we don’t know where we came from.
Let’s accept whatever reality exists and realize that Love is how it all began.
The essence of our creation was Love, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

Love is a smile.
Love is a laugh.
Love is a flower.
Love is a squirrel.
Love is a bird.
Love is a clod.
Love is a wave.
Love is a tree.
Love is a hug.
Love is a gift.

So what is Love?

Love is being alive. Love is everywhere. Love is everything. Love is all around us.

If we don’t feel Love in our lives then it’s time for a change.

If we don’t change – nothing will change.

When we change we find Love again just like before.

How do we find Love? Where do we find Love?
We can’t. Like magic or surprise Love finds Us.

We need to close the door and let go of what is NOT Love and give ourselves permission to heal.
Once we release Past Love we will experience a New Higher Love immediately.

Love is waiting for Us – We don’t have to wait for Love.

Image courtesy Peter O under a Creative Commons License.


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