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Why Do We Suffer?

Posted By on October 29, 2012 in Angel Blog, Gratitude, Suffering | 2 comments

Why Do We Suffer?

Why is it sometimes so hard to find things to be grateful for?
Why do we sometimes isolate and live in a pity pot of shame?
Bottom line: Why do we suffer?

Suffering is selfish. Depression is even worse.
If I think about what I don’t have or what someone else has I suffer.
When I compare my life with another I suffer.
When I judge another and don’t stay on my side of the street I suffer.

So why do we suffer? We’re human. We think. We obsess. We suffer.

A thought leads to a judgment.
A judgment leads to a comparison.
A comparison leads to a jealousy.
A jealousy leads to a resentment.
A resentment leads to suffering.

Resentments paralyze us until we are able to let it go.
Eventually they do fade away as life takes over.
But on an emotional level, filled with anger and fear, we suffer.

“Love is the only emotion we desire. So let’s live in Love.”

Today I Am Grateful for what I Have.
Today I Am Grateful for My Life.
Today I Am an Angel of God.
Today I Am an Angel of Love.
Today I Choose NOT to suffer.

“If I Want What I Have I’ll Have What I Want.”

Today my cup is Half Full.
Today I see the Bright Side.
Today is a Gift.
Today I Know “Suffering Is A Choice.”

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  1. Melanie November 7, 2012

    Great words of wisdom. I hadn’t been to the website before, just the facebook page, and this was exactly what I needed to read tonight. I will remember these words. Thanks!

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